The aim of International Trade program is to meet enterprises’ need for staff equipped with practical knowledge, which are operating in export marketing, foreign trade and exchange regulations of customs legislation, particularly small-scaled enterprises in today's global market environment. During this two-year programme, our students are informed about EU legislation and the integration, foreign trade and foreign trade policies, and professional foreign language training are provided to them within the scope of the terminology.
Assessing the academic success depends on defining the aims that are designated in the learning outcomes. Carrying out the criterias of pedagogic assessment and evaluation meticulously as well as improving our student’s sense of belonging, and keeping in touch with graduateds; the performances and production that our students display not only in their academic lives but also in their careers are among the criterias that specify the success of programme.
Although there may not be certain mechanical criterias in measuring the success of education given in any area, it is targeted that the graduateds principally have below stated basic professional skills so that the success of the aims of Foreign Trade programme could be measured: